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Thread: Version Update FAQ

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    Still no answers from T$F, appalling service........

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    My game is freezing and lags a lot as well ...FIX IT! - OD Nicu z137

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    i cant enter game bcz dont have update but cant download it on google play... i reinstalled game already and nothing... can u set it tome somehow?

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    Всем привет! Зашел тут сегодня в игрушку и о Божеее!!! Вы что за обнову выпустили?? Я понимаю, что на улице зима и все дела, но вы на самом деле решили, что у террористов должны стоять снеговики и елочки?!?! Разработчики, вы что там курите?? Территории вообще не видно! Одна пестрота и каша, мед, гамно и пчелы....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Laxer FL View Post
    Is anyone going to answer me?
    Да кому ты нужен))) Им только бабло нужно! А на игроков всем с большой колокольни!

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    I can't login into my Base from past 12hrs....the loading stops at 50 % and doesn't move further.. Tried reinstalling the game many times bit it doesn't work.... It's pvp time Pl help

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    After the update I have the bug as follows: in the simulator of the war have to play in a blind with inscription: loading resources. This label is not lost in any action: reboot, reinstalling the game does not help .... Support the game approached. I request help. Changed phones-does not help ...

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