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Thread: Version Update FAQ

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    Connexion impossible after update today

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    OK I have tried each of your suggestions and still unable to load your game. So you have my email. If you want me to continue to pay and play your game. You contact me for a change. Otherwise I just move on and send my money to someone that appreciates paying customers.

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    O meu jogo travou depois que eu fiz a atualização e não estou conseguindo mas acessar... Por favor achem uma solução.

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    A minha versão é atualizado para o Android 4.3 e mesmo assim está travando

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    Still getting server timeout at 74% what's going on guys? I have spent to much time and money in thus game to go to crap cause a update for Christmas stuff.
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    Stil cant load game this sucks

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    Can't log in 74% then error sever timeout

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    This is starting to piss me off still have yet to see any news on progress or anything t4f need to get this handled or they are going to be loosing a lot of fans and players who have spent good money on this game.

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    Doesn't work!!!!!after update!!!

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    This is ridiculous

    I'm also starting to get very upset and as a monthly subscriber I expect to be able to access my account and game that I pay for daily. If I am not compensated greatly for this extended issue, I will take my money elsewhere. There are many other game companies that would be grateful and motivated to keep me happy for the money I spend which is far more than I should. I am quickly developing a bad opinion of t4f and am close to sharing my displeasure with all those that I have recently urged to join. It's a matter of hours before I turn my back, contact Google and file an official complaint. It goes without saying that if this is not resolved quickly and I am not pleased with their settlement of this blunder, I will never spend another penny with tap4fun.

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