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Thread: [IMPORTANT] Tutorial for Binding Your Game Account

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chi View Post
    Why bind the game account?

    1. Keep your game data safe when encountered unexpected issues (eg:losing account after update 1.2.1 and etc.)
    2. Switch accounts on different devices.
    3. Obtain extra rewards (Only Available for Facebook and Google+ Account)

    - Bind your game account to Facebook.

    Attachment 295Attachment 296Attachment 297Attachment 298Attachment 299Attachment 300

    - Bind your game account to Tap4fun

    1. If you've already had a Tap4fun account(try to make sure your tap4fun account is correct)

    Attachment 295Attachment 306Attachment 307Attachment 308

    2. If you don't have a Tap4fun account

    Attachment 309Attachment 310Attachment 311Attachment 312Attachment 313

    - Bind your game account to G+

    Attachment 301Attachment 302Attachment 303Attachment 304Attachment 305


    In the process of binding account, if you encounter the problem that a "time out" screen pops up, please kill the game process and restart the game.
    I like game

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    My account is already bound to my Facebook account... how can I bind it to another Facebook account if we have to deactivate the previous Facebook account???

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    I can't access my account anymore what's the problem, when it gets to 70% it just hang and won't move again what should I do.

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    How can I bind my account to a Facebook account different from the one I originally binded to? Basically I want to unbind my original fb account and bind my mine to another one without creating a new player.

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    These options no longer exist. Please update tutorial with up to date information.

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    It's BS, I have spent a ton of time and not a single email from u guys. My account has been zeroed and can't even log into it

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