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Thread: [IMPORTANT] Tutorial for Binding Your Game Account

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    Ok so my account is currently bound to Google but I want to bind it to Facebook and I can't figure out how to switch it, can someone please help

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    Do not bind to facebook, if your account gets blocked you can enter game,t4f do nothing to sort this problem - 7 days 25 emails, guild even mailed t4f 20+ times.
    Do not spend cash guys t4f just take take take

    ublind your account oh it's a joy, each day your passed to a new surport member ,then you send in screen shots to new person ,you would think that's it but hell no. T4f say sorry for delay but do nothing.

    So t4f i would suggest you try and help players more , we yes we paying your wage, without us cash players your nothing.

    This is now been posted over facebook/twitter and each and every page here.

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    How do u unbind ur acct...I need to bind it to G+ instead of Facebook!

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    To bind to fb while bound to G+ or tap....u go to the diamond mine inside your base (big building in the bottom left corner) and hit function button and enter ur fb info

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    How do I unbound acct from Google to Facebook

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    After the current renovation works out the game stopped buying process does not entered the game in the game even when the game was there for two days acılmıyor please help

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    We the players of invasion modern empire have had enough of the scam from gamebuynow. com repeated spam in chat emails and comments board . now it's time this ends like and share and repost to help stop this annoyance

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    Invasion why is my fb acc already in use?I can't log in in my acc help me plz,Thx

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    I would like to unbound my game and switch emails because I have two accounts and I want to switch my Facebook account i have 2 facebook accounts i jest whant to switch them

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    So how do I unbind my diamond mine from one account to another in other zone?

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