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    After the update, all was fine. I have 3 accounts, 1 bound to FB, the other 2 were not. Now when I try to start the game on the 2 not bound. It asks me to log in. What can I do to not lose thes 2 accounts? I am a guild r5 for one of them!

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    How where you able to switch accounts prior?!
    I know that you only can have one unbind account at a time?!

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    The 2 accounts are on separate devices.

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    Each account was on a separate device.

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    Then its easy, just start the game on your second device and first thing is bind your account to google, Facebook or if you dont want to make those accounts then just bind it to tap4fun.

    If for any reason you cant accsess your account send a support email with the following info to tap4fun
    Zone, player name, guild, device id, and if you have brought cristals the google cash id so they know its you. And let them bind it to tap4fun. This will make that your account is safe.

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    I would if I could start the game

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    Ok the game crash before start!
    Are you Android user and have bind the account!!!!!
    If both answers are yes then
    Go to settings > then apps > then find Invasion > then click
    1. Force stop
    2. Clear data

    Now test if you can start the game!
    On the first screen where there should be three lines of text if i remember. On the up right corner should be login click there

    Let me know if this helped

    Ye your accounts arent synced sry answering so many threads.

    Then the only solution is to contact tap4fun they may need info from the Device to indendify you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SoulFire View Post
    All devices are ios
    Hmmm nice as i dont have ios, then those tutorials are for Android only. But Zach said he can look in to ios problems if he gets time as we both are just gamers not from tap4fun.

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    Ok, I solved the problem by deleting and reinstalling the games. They both now have tap4fun accounts.

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