Having a War and Alliance system could give alot of improvement to the game.For example, I ally my guild to another one, to do that, I normaly discuss with their leader/diplomat, then i go to the guild hub then "alliance" search the name of the guild i want to have an alliance with and click on "apply to become an ally". For the war, you go to the guild hub, then "War", search the name of the guild, and click on "declare war". Once you click that, a mail will be sent to all the guild members saying that your guild declared war against that guild ( same for the ennemie).For the allies it will notify them as soon as they login by posting a sticker like thing on top that they can dismiss once they have read it. It will allow in wars resources exanches between guilds and the allied guild can send units to attacking and defensive rallys only when its the guild that they are in war with. You can declare war only if the guild is not in war with another ( other guilds can not declare war with you if you are in war)NOTE: an allied guild can have war at the same time as you.