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Thread: Z Vs Z (is this for real?)

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    Z Vs Z (is this for real?)

    So is zone Vs zone is a consideration or something that is certain to occur?

    I know in past RTS games I have played mergers of zones only occurs when the game is no longer yielding the desired revenue. I hope that Isn't the case for this game. Currently my zone is at a near stasis due to the zone vs zone that's on the horizon yet without any set date many highly active players have quit as the zone wide NAP has turned the game into Sim city instead of the war game it is meant to be.
    Please if someone can confirm zone vs zone I would greatly appreciated.

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    Zone 16.. Not sure where everyone is getting the "intel" concerning this but definitely need to know.

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    Agreed it would be nice too have some confirmation about this

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    It is certainly Sim City in Zone 16 , and my guild has lost multiple players due to the nature of the game in the zone , almost all the top ten guilds are allies except the weakest and unfortunately players are quitting the game or playing and logging on less frequently whilst the top guilds prepare for ZVZ by implementing NAPs regularly. It would certainly be good to know if and when ZVZ is coming to give us some hope that the game is still worth playing and spending money in Zone 16.

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    I know in zone 17 we have gone from a chaotic war Totten nightmare to a peace loving nightmare. People are leaving for other zones because everyone is totally lost as to the ultimate direction of the game. If ZvZ is an actual entity we should be advised that it is on the horizon if we're top continue to spend money to keep playing.

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