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Thread: war simulator

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    war simulator

    This is a major downgrade with the war simulator must say I and many others are very disappointed with it.

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    Ditto... Its impossible to understand why this change was necessary at all.... Many players including myself rely on the speed ups and rss that can be won as opposed to spending lots of $$$..

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    Makes no sense. Was fine the way it was.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bradster View Post
    This is a major downgrade with the war simulatorppppd many others are very disappointed with it.
    i think this is a badupgrade for the warsimulator it was better the old way you had more chance with winning prizes

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    This was described as an optimization yet as mentioned above it now seems heavily downgraded.

    I had purchased coins and was waiting for an event before this update but after trying the "new and improved" version now wish I had not wasted the diamonds. I doubt I will even entertain the free goes either.

    If it isn't broke, don't fix it. War Sim has been ruined, plain and simple. I'm actually surprised this update was given the ok, the reception is very negative from the vast majority.

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    Unless I'm missing something the only thing that was upgraded in the War Simulator was a way for you guys to suck more money out of us. Bad move!

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    All players in my guild also things the new War Simulator is horrible!

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    war sim has been nerfed really bad.. now we choose a single unit to attack or pay an increaing amount of coins to win.. The old War Sim was much better,and I looked forward to trying my luck on it. But now, the War Sim is something I will probably pass over, unless I have the urge to spend coins.. -not-

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    +1. War sim sucks, same about officer system. Call those officers by it right name, GoW gears. Want to down that path T4F?

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    Took War Sim from 6 prizes to 4 and all 4 prizes suck. Come on T4F, get this fixed pronto please!

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