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    Hello Fellow Players of The Zone 14,

    We are [U-E]USA Elite.

    Since Invasion is a guild-based game, we all know that everyone needs a guild to earn rewards, gain power, grow up and get support about anything & in any situation. It's wild, lonely and boring without guilds because you won't be able to fulfill the most important opportunities that the game give to you, just like capturing territory lands, rallying, guild events and the whole fun goes with these.

    So we invite you, to the place where you will find all the things you are looking for, USA Elite.

    About Guild

    Founded by 2ndAMDMNT, Vayne joined the same day it has been founded and became the Recruiter.
    We started recruiting new members a few days later, just like we do now for active, responsible and respectful ones. Achieved the #17 rank from the zero and climbing.
    We do have a hive where we can organise quickier and support each other easily.
    Have an active chat 7/24 & 45+ members currently with full of nice, willing to grow people.
    Every member has a role to capture territory lands for the guild.

    Founder: 2ndAMDMNT
    Total Force: 77,000,000+
    Members: 52
    Top Rank: 15


    x. Recruitments are only open for the players who achieved 300,000 force
    x. Every member must agree the NAP & Alliance system and be aware of his own moves
    x. Must occupy territories actively
    x. B1 level English
    x. Being respectful and kind against other players in the whole game, especially for Zone Chat
    + Mail an R4 for recruitments

    Hope to see you all growing with us here & wish you good luck on the path to earn glory!
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    Retirement date 8th July 2015.

    Will miss you all.
    Those who hijacked the humanity of the world will get a harsh lesson.

    A lot to learn...

    [U-E]USA Elite

    Zone 14

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