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Thread: Comment on the new version!

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    Yes I like the new update but the ear sim it sucks now I like the voice chatting and the new commanders u can add in

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    I like a lot of the new features, especially the officers, and the guild option updates, war sim events have been messed up, they are now costing a lot more for the same or weaker rewards, and the rewards in non-event times have become even weaker, rebalancing this would help a lot.

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    The voice chat and comment wall sections are pretty cool, and I particularly like the bagel with all of the notifications and how it shows the time on the map, however the war simulator still needs adjusting.

    Zone 16 Phoenix

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    I seriously hate and is pissed off at the wat simulator! ! P.o.s it was allready worse now it's just completely fu**ed smh stop changing things that is not broken!!

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    war Simulator, waste of time, all but that, really good, no one use Voice command jajajaja.

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    Hello, i think the update was necesary but you was very
    Rush maybe it was better to wait cause exist a lot of bugs llike the territorial domination doesnt work , weekly wages are bad (i need money to pay the weekly wages lol) the war simulador doesnt have sense so it was better tthe old war simulador who give us more prizes and totally better, but heard the voice of people is new and i like it i never think before in heard the voice of someone of the game so is good the new función of militar y school is great only have to give info about how win the ttools to contract someone people doesnt know much about that so send a mail or something, but thanks for this game tap4fun

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    Oh where to start? I will keep it short...

    War Sim - New version sucks and is useless. Needs to be reverted back to last version.

    Voice Chat - Really? No! Get rid of it. If you are too lazy to type, you don't get to chat.

    Recruitment Wall - Useless. Why would you show EVERY zone? Unless you are going to default it to the current zone you are in, get rid of it and save the resources & Code.

    Guild Comments Wall - WHY? Just why? You seriously wasted time creating that?

    Officer Recruitment - HUGE cash grab. Not that the game doesn't have its spenders, I have spent money on the game, but this is a pure greed system. And while the idea of it sounds good, the mechanics used to implement an officer is not. You just gave the people who spend hundreds/thousands of dollars a boost (moreso than already available) and you will see a lot of people leave the game if the gap continues to grow. I personally know that I can not justify spending anything else on this game as long as this system stays the same.

    Overall, most of the additions you made to the game are not fully thought out, are bad in concept, or bad for non-paying/minimal paying players. GUI tweaks are irrelevant as you are already had good graphics and interface, (for the most part) that just needed minor tweaks to be better.

    Meanwhile, you have problems in the game that needed to be fixed that no one has addressed. One of the biggest issues that I have seen in both zones that I play in is the abundance of food tiles, but the lack of oil, steel, and energy tiles. Another is the rss cost of upgrades and research. Players shouldn't have to have 4+ alt accts for rss just to be able to keep up with the spenders. While spenders should have a slight advantage on building/research, the gap is quite ridiculous. And the fact that you allow for such HUGE gaps just shows that you prefer it this way, as you see or believe that it makes others want to throw cash at the game too. I spend money as a way to support a game I like, once I stop enjoying the game, I stop spending money. And with the new updates, I am at that point.

    PeaceMaker80 (Z34)
    John35 (Z22)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rhosalie View Post
    After the developers shut down the servers after the update a couple times, I noticed most of the bugs have been resolved. I like the added ability to "select all" mail instead of clicking each one to remove from my mailbox. Still trying to figure out the war simulator. Overall, great game and it's a fun way to pass some free time.

    Rhosalie zone 39
    I don't understand what you mean. I've been choosing the Select ALL feature to delete all my messages, reports, etc since I' started playing game. The update did nothing in the way of adding this feature to the game, because it was already there..
    Also, the new Guild Chat, is confusing.. It is open for all people to chat on it, just as Zone Chat. It isn't specific to your guild...
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