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Thread: Comment on the new version!

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    New war sim is horrible. The prizes are way too small for max level and takes way too many chips. Also takes way too many diamonds to upgrade hall of war. If you keep it that way, make more diamonds available in gold packs. Also make other items available from gathering resources. make it available to win 7 day and 30 day speed ups.

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    Buen juego.....pero el anterior simulador de guerra era mejor...

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    I like the old war sim much better. Redneck24785

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    I like the old war sim much better. Redneck24785 zone 31

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    Just like everyone else I don't like the new war simulator. I think it will actually lessen the profits because if people feel it is too expensive they won't spend at all. I do like the other features

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    war Sims sucks. my account is [F~t]megan in z11

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    Deeq zone 4.
    I like the officer feature it helps in battle and adds a realistic feel to battle. War simulator seems to give less diamonds, speedups and simulator chips but gives rss. Dont like war simulator at all.

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    It's very good the modifications, but the old simulator it's better. My idea for this simulator is to allow us choose the way that SUV, tank and helicóptero will attack, not choose only onde unit at time.

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