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Thread: Comment on the new version!

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    Diamonds aren't forever

    Definitely one of the most addicting games I've played in awhile it fits right in with my work life.

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    none of your beez wax town
    Voice chat is awesome

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    I like the new updates. I also like the fact that war simulator is predictable. I wish the boxes for officers were a bit cheaper. Or have more ways to win them.

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    I think is perfect I appreciate all the hard work you've done to make a Great game even better keep it up

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    The new version is good in ways of better gameplay, builds, research, military school but the war simulator is worse and how the rebel camps generating are further away is bad.

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    War sum sucks!!!
    Teritorial domination sucks.. U can see it once click go to then go back to it the list is gone!
    Voice chat sucks
    Takes to long to have to wait for the messages to be heard.. Faster reading..

    Why isn't there a guild tile occupation ranking ??? So people knows how far they are off of the next spot.???
    Translator seams to freeze a lot.- and won't translate. Have to copy and paste stuff into google translator to translate.
    Have lost two peace shields since update. And NO I didn't attack or scout.. I haut build troops my fleets stay inside where it's safe.

    Ur customer services sucks! Takes forever to reply back! Then wants screen shots of shit from a week ago. Because it takes a week before they get back to you!!!

    I do like the new commander assistants.. If I get to use them one day... Just a pain in the butt to get the stuff needed. And u took diamonds away during rebel base attcks which always helped us now we get commander packs.

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    Gifted with the update u would atleast give us more for the money... Everything is way expensive for the amount of diamonds we get.

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    Old war sim was better before update rebels could have a mixture of speed ups and basic boxes voice chat is ok but allows swearing not a wise move IMO sub commanders are ok don't have any so can't really say much

    xPHOOKINGx zone 20

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    New udates

    The new udate is good really don't use the voice chat but te voice chat but the rest of updates are great want more to come!!

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    Seems to be running smoothly so far...keep up the good work

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