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Thread: Comment on the new version!

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    I think the new version is great. Pretty user friendly.

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    The new simulator Noone likes it and the simulator event is now impossible to even get first prize with the low points that have been put in place BRING BACK THE OLD SIMULATOR NEW VERSION SUCKS

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    I like the old war simulator better. The new one doesn't match up to the old one. The old one was a lot better than the new one. Username is Mrmanstar lol!
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    The war simulator is not as good as the old one. Plus to achieve the top prize in the simulator event is near impossible. Even if you win every battle.

    Zone 36

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    The war simulator has been even worse than it already is. The rewards are awful, it takes too long to do, the banter is annoying, and personally, I'd rather be beating my head against the wall than wasting my time on it.

    You used to be able to actually win decent things in the simulator and the events were fair. Now its a glorified game of rock-paper-scissors that I wont spend a chip on.

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    Updates are good except for the war simulator thats really bad the old was was heaps better but overall still love the game 👌

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    Bonjour attention il manque un 0 dans le rapport des gains dans l'événement du simulateur de guerre

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    Game isn't loading. Have to restart app 5 to 7 times to run the game.Newly game closes by showing invasion stopped working.please correct it

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