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Thread: Comment on the new version!

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    I dont like the New war simulator... like the idea of hi giving coins to play again

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    The upgrade is awesome but the simulator need some work.

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    Preferred the old war simulator

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    There are pros and cons to the new update.
    1)voice chat. Makes communication much more easier for lazy

    people like me to type.
    2) Commander. We are now able to view other players commander level, which could kill our curiosity.
    1) war stimulator. The new war stimulator, I have totally still, no idea how to gets played with. And the prizes ain't that fantastic as compared to the old one.

    So yea

    -Sovereignty, zone 53

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    War sim was ruined, and is no longer FUN to play.. Change it back to the old style of gameplay for the War Sim, with the reward payout of the old War Sim. This new payout, and play mechanics really is a major blow to the fun factor of the War Sim..

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    The update is good. Except the war simulator is very bad

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    War simulator is awful change it back

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    The new war simulator leaves a lot to be desired, especially the prizes. That aspect is not fun anymore.
    The guild message board needs to be tweaked. There needs to be an option for the guild leader to erase the message.

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    War sim sucks now, including the prizes, which are largely unattainable.

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