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Thread: Comment on the new version!

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    I love this game! !!! Already recruiting 2 new commanders.. VelvetHammer zone 36

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    So I've seen several complaints about the war simulator. ..I like the fact that it's more interactive, but I do have to agree with others, that there is fewer prizes for more work. The voice input is a really cool idea, to be able to hear the others you are playing with.

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    The update is good, however the old war Simulator is better. I like the officer addition.
    Username: Gen Bocking
    Zone: 50

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    I really feel bad coz I thought this update will make chose the number of rss we wanna use rather than pressing the button several times until I get the amount we want .. Imagen having hundreds of 13k steel and I want reach 300k steel.. I'll have to go to gym for that

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    1. 기존 시뮬레이터 버전이 더 낫다.
    2. 반군 이벤트 때 다른 연맹원 도움에 대한 보상이 너무 적다. 때문에 집결 참여도가 낮다.

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    Nice but war samulator dead D D zone 30

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    5 days 100k power to me like new player! Best game of android games. I give like

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