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Thread: Comment on the new version!

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    I do not understand when I gather rss I make sure I send out enough units to clean out the tile but somehow they are incomplete? ? Another player said something about the updated officers we have now and there is some sort of bug. Regardless the issue can you guys fixed this problem? Its gets tiresome always going back twice to clean up tiles that should of been cleared out the first time

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    The new war simulator is very ver bad ... The game after every update going to be hard and harder!!!
    The high point for events go up the prizes going down how can we play !!

    For me i feel u want every one buy diamonds or he will not enjoy the game!!
    Please get back the old version of gameplay

    S P Y
    Zone : 5

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    I love officers but not war simulator. My name in the game is NewEraxxx I am in zone 18.

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    The simulator needs more work. It really sucks. Like the old version better

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    How to you use Exchange code? I don't have invitation Bar, after update is was gone.

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    simulatore non buono, meglio il primo

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mathias Pötter View Post
    Der neue Simulator ist schlecht.
    Habe ein problm mit dem fnen des spiels heute morgen ging noch alles super jetzt bleibt er vei 70% stehen hast du ne ahnung was das ics oder sein kann

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