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Thread: Add rally time options

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    Add rally time options

    It would be useful to add at least one, preferably all, of these options to the rally time context menu:

    1. A one minute quick rally option.
    2. An input based rally time option that allows the rally owner to type in the length of time (in minutes) that the rally is open before March begins.
    3. A tick box to disable "waiting" for rally participants to arrive to prevent those with no concept of rally etiquette from holding up a March after the rally timer has expired. (There is nothing more annoying than waiting for 40 minutes extra because someone joined your 5 minute rally from 45 minutes away)

    I hope you consider these ideas for the next update.

    Commander Noricle

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    nice ideas.

    The only one is the 1 min rally this could be a problem

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    How so? Having a one minute rally time limits the wait time for a rally on a rebel for example. If you are in a hive, your active players are within seconds of reaching you.

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    Yes for rebels it would be a great option i totaly agree on that.
    But what about this in game attacks.
    If you get to a point where you need to be rallied to loose. Then the time to respond is to low and that could mean that players are hit before they can counter attack an incoming attack. Thats why i think the 1 min is bad.

    The calculations:
    Guild ports in around you
    One player sets up a rally 1min: counter started
    You get a message on your device > Attack incoming: Until you reach your phone and look 20sec
    You start the game to look what is going on: Boot time 30sec
    You click on what is happening: 10sec
    You go and buy a shield and activate it: 20sec
    80sec time to respond and you have lost the battle.

    Noricle > your opinion on this?!

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