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    Time Conversion

    When viewing the map, in the right hand corner of the screen you can see the UTC time in which the entire game runs off of. Maybe there should be a setting in "Your Settings" where you can pick your time zone like basically every other electronic device and/or system in the world has. So that maybe in the left corner of the screen it would tell you what the time/day is for you. I bet people would be less likely to be zeroed and more likely to play more activities if they could tell the time from their actual time zone because UTC is confusing af.

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    Most games of this nature run off of UTC... cause it's a universal time zone (or UK time, whichever you prefer haha). And while I agree it would be nice to have my own time listed in the corner, this would also create mass confusion when trying to schedule things. Saying, this is happening at 18:00 UTC is far less confusing than saying it starts at 2pm my time but I don't know what time that is for you.... then the mathing starts and it's a disaster haha

    Essentially, a player who cannot bubble for the same events each week would likely face the same result. The time in the corner isn't the issue. Being able to follow instructions is.


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