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Thread: Mandantory Food Day is useless...

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    Quote Originally Posted by D3vil5ro53 View Post
    You should tell your Goverment that it does not mather what rss you collect. There is a fix number of each rss. If you collect up energy then that will spawn back not Steel so if you collect food whole day then food will spawn back. Sry but your Goverment did a rule that does not do anything other than make your game boring for one day per week.
    Thanks for this information D3vil5ro53. This information should be announced to the zones since a lot of people have the idea that food can just keep spawning keeping any other resource from coming in.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anthony Elmer View Post
    Food day not useless allows us to regain resources and not worry about getting hit not sure about how many troops you build in a day but I know we spend way more than comes in. I guess when you look at 2 m in power compared to 20 m and higher I can understand why you feel it's not needed. Usually the limitation is no food.
    We can collect any resource on any day, without fear of being hit, with 2 exceptions...
    1. If it is Food day, then you are allowed to ONLY collect FOOD or MONEY.. If you collect any other resource you get zeroed out.
    2. During PVP.. Anything goes during pvp..

    My entire debate on this, is this.. We should be allowed to collect ALL resources on ANY day.
    If we collect during PVP, then we understand the risk, but may feel we need to and will take the risk. But at least you won't be penalized and zeroed out, just because you are collecting..

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    Why don't you get stronger and take over the zone then you can make your own rules

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    lol. I'm working on getting stronger.. I now have a farm base, so now I truly have no need for Food Day..
    No need to farm the resource points on the map, because I'm forced to create an ALT for my resource needs..
    And today we get a message from our gov, saying how badly Farm Day went last week, because no one participated..
    Geee. I wonder why....
    Maybe because the Gov suggest we create alt accounts and hyper farm with those accounts..
    All this makes Food Day a waste.... And as stated before. Just because we collect Food, doesn't mean other resource will pop up inplace of the food..
    There is a fixed amount of resource spawns per zone..
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nam Nguyen View Post
    Make an alt account and send foods over there. You will appreciate those foods on other days. Or what even better, make hyperfarms and you will never need to spend time on gathering again
    How do you make hyperfarms?

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    hyper farms, are where you create an alt account,and build no troops. you just build the city up with resources.. Then just bubble them up during pvp, and stash all your excess resources in your farm city. Your food will not ever go down, because you have no troops to feed. Your other resources never go down, etc...

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