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Thread: Mandantory Food Day is useless...

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    Exclamation Mandantory Food Day is useless...

    Zone 27.. We have a mandantory food day, where if we collect anything other than food or cash, we get zeroed out by the Gov's squad..
    This is a stupid rule that is being enforced, for no real reason, other than sloppy programming..
    1: Food isn't required to be upkept.. -AKA No penalty for no food-
    2. If you do collect the food, it will just sit there draining away to nothing because you aren't allowed to collect other resources to help in building things.
    3. Some say that is what the guild bank is for, but if everyone only has food, and we all want something from the bank, the bank is useless after one or two people drain it of other resources.
    4. There are Food farms ALL over the map, and no one wants to collect them, until they ABSOLUTLY need them, because they just drain to zero, without penalty.. I suppose this is just another way of saying #1... But it can't be stressed enough..

    All those Food Farms that are there before Food Day starts, most will STILL BE THERE, when Food Day is over.. No one wants to waste time collecting a resource, that they won't have a chance to use....

    FOOD, needs to be revamped in this game.. REQUIRE a penalty for no food, or change the balance of the amount of farms being spawned on the map.. SOMETHING... Make food SCARCE and this would allow food to be considered valuable. As it stands now, food is just something you get when you need it. It isn't something you gather and aquire mass amounts of for later use, such as oil, energy, etc..
    Before anymore ADD-ON's or changes to the game, the issue with the FOOD needs to be addressed...
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