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Thread: Moderator [W&B] Romulusera

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    Alright, let me put my two cents in here. I've talked to Romulusera and people from the zone to see what is going on. Many people believe that she is abusing her power, but I can assure you in most cases she is not. I have read the list of rules that the moderators follow and it is VERY strict and VERY specific. I'm not saying I agree with how she may interpret some of the rules, and how she enforces them, but that is not my job to do. Now there are some cases where people have mentioned power abuse and her being biased towards some players, but I have no exact way of knowing this for sure.

    Just know this is not all her fault. She was hired without anyone knowing in her zone that there would be a moderator, and there was no posting of these new rules. (Since Invasion has not followed many minor rules such as posting coords in Zone Chat) For the most part she is really just doing her job guys.

    Edit: If you're wanting to see the general list of rules they follow from T4F, you can find them here.
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    I'm guessing you don't want to post W&B GC screens. Also some of the RpZ muted weren't even on at the time. Care to send screens why or maybe you don't want to.

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    Zach listen I don't mind someone doing their job but when 75% of RpZ is muted some of them twice and some weren't even on? How can you break a rule if your not on the game? I understand your view but take it from our perspective. Most of RpZ gets muted and then hammered in pvp and no communication sooo kinda suspicious wouldn't you agree?

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    Wonder why the top screenshot was cut in half maybe a W&B said something you didn't want the forums to see.

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    I agree with James on that one. You shouldn't try to prove a point with edited screen shots. Just makes the entire thing look bad.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ducky Susse View Post
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    You guys talk like you haven't been warned. But Romulsera is doing what she volunteered for. And all you people do is act immature and childish.

    Yeah nevermind the fact that wolverine was posting stars to prove a point. Nevermind the fact that these mods never enforce things with their own players. Instead let's all focus on the fact that it looks like someone from an all adult guild was "cussing".

    One of my players was blocked for "spamming" today. They were not apamming at all. In fact they were responding to the topic at hand. Then her players say "stfu" and don't even get so much as a warning.

    This is the dumbest fucking thing that I have ever seen in my time with online gaming. I'm done paying your mods to fuck shit up in their favor. tap is like a police department defending a guilty cop at this point. After discussing this with my NORMAL mod friend (Zone one), he was quick to point out that what's happening in zone 36 is nothing short of over the top and biased power hungry players abusing the system. Now,naturally, all of the players want to be mods just to have a chance to block back...Yeah..Great stuff, tap. this game was superb 2 months ago.

    But Yeah lets have a mute war. Fucking Hellen Keller: the war game. I'm uninstalling. They obviously don't take their customers seriously here. You guys are worse than EA today.
    Gota love how zach responded to the favouritism accusations as if it was just unprovable hearsay. This forum topic would not fucking exist if those things didn't happen.
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    You guys really should grow up... the chat rules are plain as day. It really is simple: follow the rules or don't. I have been watching and I appreciate her actually trying to do something good for this game. As for being biased idk I saw her warn her players too.

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    Moderators should have their mutes reviewed daily so that they can be held accountable that's all I'm asking. Just remind them their not at the top of the food chain every day. Also it would have solved all of this beforehand if tap4fun said okay rom lets go over these mutes the reasons and lengths. Then a tap4fun developer or higher up could vouch for them. I haven't yet seen anyone else besides one mod respond to this issue.

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    It kind of makes me mad that we can't talk about beer, violence, or sex but the default commander is half nude and we get random boxes of beer, knifes, revolvers, and brass knuckles. Even the warsim characters refer to drinking. So do you have a double standard tap4fun?

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    Well it seems I need to make another post. I'm not trying to pick any sides, however you all are not producing any real evidence. I have yet to receive any screenshots of proving what you all say is true. However I get many screenshots of many player outraged about the situation (which only makes things worse)
    Again, like I said before, there is a set of clear cut rules that they follow and you can read it for yourself. All screenshots I have seen technically fit in those guidelines. Do I agree with all the rules and how she enforces them? No. But that is not my job, or your job to criticize if she is doing it correctly. If you actually feel there is problems you can just as easily send an email to the support team with legitimate proof of what is happening. Words can only take you so far, and accusations without proof is nothing.

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