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Thread: Resource Tiles sequence

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    Resource Tiles sequence

    Hi All,

    Can anyone provide the sequence in which resource tiles are provided ?


    Farm > Energy > Oil > Steel....


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    Anyone, 25 views and no response............

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    In real no one would have understand ur question there just like me I don't understand what ur asking for sry bro

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mikoto View Post
    In real no one would have understand ur question there just like me I don't understand what ur asking for sry bro
    I think the question was very easy to understand, i even gave an example. However, let my try again, if i clear a food tile, what resource tile comes next ? And so on.....

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    I would love a definitive answer also. My understanding is they respawn as what they were. Otherwise the built in economies could get pretty screwed up. But who can answer this question?

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    I understand what you are asking and I think I can provide an answer. Lets say that on the entire map there are 500 resource tiles at any given time, (this is an example). Of the 400, 100 are Food, 100 are Energy, 100 are Oil, 100 are Steel, and 100 are Money(Village). Now, lets say you send out a march to gather Steel. You clear the tile, which now leaves 499 tiles. There is now available 1 resource re-spawn. The resource that will re-spawn, I hate to tell you, is random. Just because you cleared a Steel resource does not automatically translate into another Steel resource spawning.

    Yes, this does mean that the economies could be rather lopsided, and in fact there are times when resources available are extremely lopsided. Since Food is the least gathered resource, (at least in my zone) there are times when Food can be found everywhere but there are very, very limited tiles of other types of resources, especially of level 5 and 6.

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    Thanks for the feedback Sirkheldar,

    This would then suggest the developers should change this so that there is a good reason to clear a food tile if we know a steel, oil or NRG tile will come up...

    This is why we have food day in our zone : 40 - every Monday - to clear food and level 1,2 and 3 resource tiles.

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    EXACTLY! Our Zone has talked about doing a Food Day, but so many power players who are in pvp mode 24/7 makes it hard to actually carry out. Not to mention that most top guilds use the Hyper-Farming model so that gathering is not that necessary.

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    Hi sirkheldar. Can you tell me more about hyper-farming?

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    I'm curious as to how to increase the level of a RSS tile. I'm assuming that the more territory owned in the particular pocket where the tile is located will increase the RSS level. Am I correct, or are there other factors involved?

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