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Thread: [tGs] THE GUARDIANS #44

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    [tGs] THE GUARDIANS #44

    Hey Invaders, I'm Stryker from the tGs The Guardians zone 44. We are the top dog in the zone and we have had and will continue o have complete control of the Monument. Looking to join a new Guild and be a part of something special, look us up and mail me and I'll get you in. I'm the Man when it comes to new recruits. Fast paced, very active Guild always looking to get bigger and stretch out lead out on all other guilds in our zone. So teleport to zone 44 and apply today. Or start another acct and come to 44. I'll get you in and you will go straight to the top dog. So come on let's go, it's time for war!!!!

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    reacently joint (ace)guild how to rejoin to44?

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