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My problem seems to be that my account is bound to my facebook so im sticking it in here.

So basically i want to have multiple accounts to have multiple characters in a zone. The problem is you can only have one character per account in one zone and therefore i want more than one account.

1st error - "You can register only ONE account with the same device each day." Well its been a couple of days now and i still can't "start a new game"

2nd error - "switch account." "Account not yet bound to the game. try again"

So really my question is do i need to unbind my account to create more accounts? if so how do i unbind as there clearly isnt a "Unbind" button"

Hi Jonny! Thanks for your feedback.
For your first issue, basically one player could create one account in one day. If you did not create any account in that day but still met this error, please send mail to us from customer service in game. Please provide the UTC time when you met this issue and the screenshot of the error.
For your second issue, it is because you have put the wrong mail. Please try to recall the correct mail to log in.
If you really need to unbind your account. Please send mail to us and provide sufficient information. We will help you with it. Thanks!