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Thread: Methods Of Occupying Territory

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    Lightbulb Methods Of Occupying Territory

    Territory is an important object for guild to seize, because if you have territory then you have all the resources in the vicinity, which can be the trump card in guild battles. Commanders! How do you occupy territory in the midst of gunsmoke filled territorial battles?

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    Event Time: 29/01 10:30 to 31/01 15:55 (UTC)

    Event Details: Post your territorial occupation methods in the comments section along with your game name and Zone number.

    Event Rewards: After the Event ends, we will randomly select 20 Commanders (Commanders who post their territorial seizing methods) and give them a reward of 1000 Diamonds.

    1.You can post multiple replies, but each person can only receive rewards once.
    2.Rewards will be distributed within 4 days after the event ending.

    Thank you for your support of Invasion!

    Invasion High Command

    ================================================== ======

    Here is the winner list:

    starvader -132
    Dusty853 - 50
    loic63000 - 107
    WarManager - 5
    Razor - 130
    cafetomex - 105
    Ghosthead - 82
    Ma55murder - 40
    Barrett38 - 71
    Ben007 - 132
    malici0us - 122
    SniperQ8i - 110
    LordWoahBig - 137
    Dark Scion - 68
    KILL4FUN 刽子手 - 74
    Aspenvel - 14
    Bjurran - 78
    Aphro - 48
    25mm - 46
    RikiMaro - 119

    Rewards will be delivered in 48 hours, please wait in patience. Happy Gaming, my Commanders!

    Invasion High Command

    1st Feb, 2016

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    Port over to tiling area. Put 100k troop per tile. Set to occupy. Take tiles......13 minutes and bang. But watch out because you can loose you troops. People don't like land thieves.

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    Land & Power are the two things that rocket a guild to the top ranks. Land occupying isn't ticket science. You always check the opposing guild's ranks to be sure you're not getting in over your head if they attempt to stop you. You find a weak spot in their land like a unoccupied tile or one of your own that was overlooked. The best times to take land is in the least active hours or occupying events. Your cannon is the best to take land with because it takes less of them than the other T1s-T4s to take a tile. Without land your guild bank would be empty, your battle positions will be limited and your guild will appear weak.

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    Go to empty spot withing my guilds zone and send a few troops.

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    Go to your field I mean out of your base then click the symbol that like flag on your top screen it will show where is your guild area and outside your guild area you can click it you 1 or more troop to occupine it and wait when it finish it will have letter to you the call back in other gould tile you can do it same but use long time morethan the space that have no owner. Just that you can make your own area and gain more resoruce Name in game starvader zone 132

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    Send in many troops, go in take fast get out. It's better if two or three in guild work on the same section together. Keep it tidy it's easier to keep track of what's your when people try to flip back

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    bonjour a tous
    une prise de conscience
    avant tout il ne faut qu extraire les ressources juste necessaire pour l evolution de sa base
    voila mon fonctionnement

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    Berdooboy z#94
    It's easy I just throw 125k t3s down on each tile an in like 7 min I'm done ... I like doing it during pvp cause then its only like 2m30s .... Always flip tiles .... It's a must to grow ...

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    zone 48 Tigerking18

    주로 레벨5의 자원이있는 자원들쪽과 우리들길드에유적및 우리가포트를 타고가서 적을공격할수있는 타일들을작업을 한다. 이거를 통한 길드에 자부심 및 권력을 보여줄수있기에 먼저 lv5 rss 타일과 영토를 작업을 한다.

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